Case Studies

Aerospace Component Manufacturer

A client approached us with a problem on a particular style of machine tool cooling system which had been problematic for some time causing significant issues on production. The cooling system was no longer supported by the manufacturers and we were asked if PRS could provide a solution. We did!

After consulting with the client, the machine tool manufacturers and the original manufacturers, we were able to write a detailed specification for the manufacture of a replacement system which encompassed the refrigeration, mechanical, electrical and user interface of the original system and also contained further changes which enhanced further the way the cooling system interacted with the process.

Specialised Metal Spraying Contractor

An established client had several systems which had fitted the original cooling system which unfortunately had R22 as the refrigerant.

After discussing the long term implications of this together with the benefits associated with their replacement by utilising an alternative refrigerant (R410A), the decision was made to replace and upgrade with a more efficient system and in addition provide a more user friendly and accurate way of controlling the thermal demands of the process.

PRS were able to not only provide a replacement system, but also configure the way cooling was provided by fitting externally sited chillers which maintained an antifreeze mixture at low temperature which then was interfaced through a plate type heat exchanger and maintained a specialised solution at the required process temperature. An inverter driven multistage pump was then used to deliver the coolant at the desired temperature, flow-rate and pressure to the various processes on the machine.

Plasticised Sheet Manufacturer

An established client asked PRS to take care of the replacement of ageing refrigeration plant throughout the factory and at the same time review the main process cooling requirement on site which ran at a temperature of between -6°C and -10°C. Actual requirements of the process from a cooling point of view were sketchy and in order to ascertain what conditions were acceptable, trials at various temperature conditions were planned and undertaken. The results were such that it was found that higher operating temperatures were indeed possible and had no discernible affect on the process itself. This resulted in the specifying of packaged chillers which had a significantly higher COP and EESER than the original system and therefore offered even greater savings overall in running costs.

PRS carried out the complete project from initial consideration to final commissioning which involved all cooling pipework and mechanical services.