free coolingIf the external ambient temperature in your area can fall below the operating temperature of the cooling fluid in any of your chilled water/ cooling water systems for any time during the year, it may be worth considering the benefits of our free cooling packages.

This method of cooling can significantly improve your bottom line.

For example;

A packaged water chiller rated at 100Kw cooling capacity, water leaving at +12°C and returning at +17°C would typically consume around 28Kw of energy.

A dry air cooler rated at 100Kw at the above conditions with ambient air at +8°C would typically consume less than 12Kw.

It doesn’t end there either. Should the chiller you have be capable of operating efficiently at partial load conditions (multi compressor type), then the dry air cooler will continue to provide cooling whilst ever the ambient temperature is lower than the temperature of the cooling fluid returning from the process (+17°C).

Payback times for the investment can be illustrated once your particular process has been identified and the requirements confirmed.

You have an energy reduction target that needs to be achieved?

Contact PRS in order to ascertain the suitability of the above on your particular cooling processes.