Machine Tool Oil Cooling

15791026_sAs with many processes temperature control on modern machine tooling systems is of paramount importance.

From the closely controlled parameters of a high speed spindle, to the maintaining of coolant oil temperatures all machine tools have varying requirements from the basic, to the highly complex.

Here at PRS we are fortunate to have had a wealth of experience gained over many years predominantly in the aerospace and general machining industries which gives us an insight into not only what is required from a temperature control point of view, but also how it interacts with the process.

Electrical and electronic control systems play a major role in the way a temperature control system is configured with a machine tooling centre and it is vitally important that the refrigeration engineer working on such equipment has an appreciation of this.

Many refrigeration systems have self governing controllers which purely enable them to maintain a preset condition whilst others are able to react to certain conditions from the process and therefore react from an instruction generated from the process itself.

Refrigeration systems are available with refrigerants to suit many applications and the importance of selecting the correct refrigerant for the application at hand is vitally important.

Knowledge in the repair and maintenance programmes for such equipment will ensure speedy knowledgeable and confident solutions being applied. Something that we at PRS are proud to be able to offer all our customers.