Plastic Injection Moulding/ Blown film/ Vacuum Moulding

20355483_sThe use of both water chillers and dry air coolers is widespread throughout the UK for this industry. Water chillers are generally employed for the cooling of the tool itself in the case of injection moulding and for other areas which depend on cooling fluids at a temperature of +15°C or less. Dry air coolers provide the cooling for the hydraulic systems on such machines where temperatures of the hydraulic oil is typically +35°C to +50°C and the cooling fluid used to maintain such temperatures can be as high as +30°C.

Free cooling on the chilled water circuit can be offered by either incorporating this within the chiller itself, or by attaching a separate cooler into the chilled water return line prior to the chiller. The reduction in energy consumption by adopting this particular method can be significant due to the favourable climatic conditions throughout the year within the UK.

Our sales department are able to provide the relevant cost savings by reducing energy consumption for both new and retro-fitted equipment.